DA Form 5515 – Training Ammunition Control Document

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COM – DA Form 5515 – Training Ammunition Control Document – DA Form 5515, also known as the Training Ammunition Control Document (TACD), is a crucial component of ensuring the safe and effective use of ammunition during training exercises. This form serves as a record of all training ammunition used, allowing for accurate tracking and accountability throughout the entire process.

Whether you’re in the military or law enforcement, understanding the importance of proper ammunition control is key to maintaining safety and efficiency during training. In this article, we’ll explore exactly what DA Form 5515 entails, why it’s necessary for successful training exercises, and how to properly fill it out to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Form Number DA Form 5515
Form Title Training Ammunition Control Document
Edition Date 6/1/2021
File Size 41 KB

What is a DA Form 5515?

DA Form 5515 is a Training Ammunition Control Document that is used by the United States Army to oversee the use of training ammunition and equipment. The form helps track the training ammunition used during live-fire exercises, ensuring that all rounds are accounted for. It also serves as a record of who has access to the ammunition and when it was issued.

The DA Form 5515 must be completed in detail before any training exercise takes place where live ammunition is used. It includes information such as the type and quantity of ammunition required, details about weapons systems being used, location of firing ranges, and names and ranks of personnel involved. The form requires signatures from both the unit commander and range officer before it can be approved.

Overall, DA Form 5515 plays an essential role in maintaining safety standards during military operations involving live ammunition. By providing detailed documentation on every aspect of training exercises involving live rounds, this form ensures accountability and keeps soldiers safe while they train for combat readiness.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 5515?

DA Form 5515, also known as the Training Ammunition Control Document (TACD), is a vital document used to track and manage training ammunition in the military. The form is required for any unit or individual responsible for using, storing, or transporting live ammunition during training exercises. It provides an accurate account of the type and amount of ammunition used, as well as its location and condition.

To obtain a DA Form 5515, military personnel can visit their local supply or logistics office. They can also download a digital copy from the Army Publishing Directorate website. Additionally, many units have designated TACD officers who are responsible for managing and distributing forms to personnel within their command.

It’s important to note that proper handling and management of training ammunition is critical for safety reasons. Units must ensure that all personnel is trained on how to complete and maintain accurate TACDs to prevent accidents or incidents involving live ammunition during training exercises.

DA Form 5515 – Training Ammunition Control Document

DA Form 5515 is a Training Ammunition Control Document that serves as an essential tool for keeping track of training ammunition. This form aids in documenting the use, accountability, and control of ammunition during training exercises and ensures that all necessary safety measures are taken. The DA Form 5515 is utilized by military personnel who operate a variety of weapons systems during live-fire training exercises.

The information documented on the DA Form 5515 includes the type of ammunition being used, the quantity issued, and details about its intended use. The person responsible for handling and using the ammunition must sign this form before taking it out for any training activity. After completing the exercise, they must return unused rounds to storage facilities and account for all expended rounds accurately. This form’s meticulous documentation process helps ensure that every round fired during a live-fire exercise is accounted for to prevent any misuse or loss.

In summary, DA Form 5515 is an integral part of controlling and tracking training ammunition used in military operations around the world. Its proper usage guarantees safe handling while in transit or storage until issued or expended during authorized activities only.

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