I-821 Form – Application for Temporary Protected Status

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMI-821 Form – Application for Temporary Protected Status – The United States provides many avenues of relief to foreign nationals who may be facing extraordinary circumstances in their home countries. One such avenue of relief is known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The application for TPS is the I-821 Form, which helps protect immigrants from being deported due to ongoing armed conflicts, environmental disasters, or other extraordinary and temporary circumstances.

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Form Number I-821 Form
Form Title Application for Temporary Protected Status
Edition Date 07/03/19
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What is an I-821 Form?

The I-821 Form is an application form used by immigrants to request Temporary Protected Status (TPS). TPS is a temporary immigration status for certain foreign nationals who are unable to return safely to their countries of origin due to ongoing armed conflict, natural disasters, or other extraordinary conditions. The I-821 Form must be filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in order for an individual to qualify for TPS. This form allows the applicant to provide information about themselves and their current immigration status, as well as any evidence that supports their claim for TPS eligibility. It also asks questions regarding criminal history and possible grounds of inadmissibility. Applicants must submit documentation proving identity, nationality, and residency in the United States along with the application form. After USCIS receives the completed form and supporting documents, they will review them and make a determination on whether or not an individual qualifies for TPS based on their circumstances. If approved, applicants may receive authorization to work legally in the United States until their protected status expires or is terminated by USCIS.

Where Can I Find an I-821 Form?

The I-821 form, Application for Temporary Protected Status, is available online through the USCIS website. The form can be easily accessed and downloaded from the site, and users must complete all of the necessary fields before submitting it. Once completed, applicants should print out two copies – one to keep for their records and another to submit with their application package. Additionally, when completing the form it is important to ensure that all information provided is accurate as any discrepancies may lead to delays or rejection of an application.

When filing an I-821 Form there are several documents that must be included such as proof of identity, evidence demonstrating eligibility for TPS protection, and other documents as specified in the instructions on the USCIS website. There are also additional forms depending on individual circumstances that should be completed at this time such as Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization). In addition to these forms, applicants will also need to pay a filing fee which can range from $50 – $530 depending on the age and type of application being submitted. Finally, after submission of all required paperwork it will take up to 180 days before an applicant receives a response regarding their status update or approval.

I-821 Form – Application for Temporary Protected Status

The I-821 Form is used to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). This form allows immigrants from certain countries affected by armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary conditions to be able to remain and work in the United States for a limited period of time. To qualify, applicants must meet certain criteria including having been continuously present in the U.S. since a specific date; not having departed from the country after that date; and not having committed any crimes that would make them ineligible for TPS status. The application process requires submitting evidence such as passport stamps, arrival/departure records, financial information, and other relevant documents with the form. Applicants can also request consideration of Deferred Action on their application if they are already within removal proceedings at the time they file their I-821 Form. After it has been completed and submitted to USCIS, applicants will be notified if further steps need to be taken or if their request has been approved or denied. In either case, an Employment Authorization document will be issued which will allow individuals in TPS status permission to work while they are in the United States under protected status.

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