DA Form 1262 – Command Dive Log

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COM DA Form 1262 – Command Dive Log – The DA Form 1262, also known as the Command Dive Log, is a crucial document used by military divers to record their diving activities and maintain accurate records of their training and experience. This form serves as a comprehensive record of dives performed by members of the U.S. Army and enables commanders to evaluate the proficiency and readiness of their divers.

The Command Dive Log contains detailed information about each dive including the date, location, duration, depth, equipment used, and any other relevant details. It is an essential tool for ensuring that military divers are meeting their training requirements and maintaining safety standards while performing underwater operations.

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Form Number DA Form 1262
Form Title Command Dive Log
Edition Date 2/1/2020
File Size 33 KB

What is a DA Form 1262?

The DA Form 1262 is a document used by the United States Army to record information about diving operations. It is also known as the Command Dive Log, and it contains information about each dive operation carried out by divers under a commander’s authority. The information recorded on the form includes the date of the dive, location, depth of water, duration of time spent underwater, any equipment used in the operation, and any incidents or accidents that occurred during the dive.

This log is essential for recording crucial details for training future divers and assessing current practices for safe diving operations. The DA Form 1262 helps ensure that all Army diving operations are conducted safely and efficiently while providing detailed records for accountability should an incident occur. Any person who participates in diving activities must familiarize themselves with this logbook to complete all necessary entries accurately. This form must be kept up-to-date at all times to ensure proper completion of missions and to promote safety within a diverse community.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 1262?

DA Form 1262 is a crucial document that records the diving activities of military divers. It serves as evidence of their training, qualifications, and experience in underwater operations. To ensure proper documentation, it’s essential to have a physical copy of the form on hand.

One way to obtain the DA Form 1262 is to approach your designated command unit or dive team leader. They are responsible for issuing and keeping track of these forms and should be able to provide you with one upon request. Additionally, you can check with the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website, which offers downloadable versions of various military forms, including the DA Form 1262.

It’s important to note that while digital versions of this form may be available online, it is typically required that a physical copy be filled out during dive operations and kept on file for reference. Therefore, it’s best practice to keep several blank copies on hand for future use as well.

DA Form 1262 – Command Dive Log

The DA Form 1262, also known as the Command Dive Log, is a document used by military divers to record their training and operational dives. The form includes information such as dive location, depth, duration, equipment used, and any issues or incidents that occurred during the dive. It is often required to be completed after every dive by military diving units.

The purpose of the Command Dive Log is multi-fold. Firstly, it allows for proper documentation of each dive which can be useful in case of accidents or incidents during diving operations. Secondly, it helps maintain a record of a diver’s experience and training which can be used for future planning purposes. Thirdly, it ensures that all necessary safety protocols are being followed when conducting diving operations.

Completing the Command Dive Log accurately and thoroughly is essential in maintaining safety and professionalism within military diving units. It provides valuable information for unit commanders to assess their diverse skills and readiness for future missions. Overall, this log plays an integral role in ensuring safe and efficient diving operations within the military community.

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