DA Form 137-2 – Installation Clearance Record

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Have you ever wondered what it takes for a person or piece of equipment to gain access to a highly secure military base? The answer lies within DA Form 137-2 – Installation Clearance Record, an intriguing document that holds all the secrets. This unassuming piece of paper is like a gatekeeper with eyes that see beyond appearances, scrutinizing every detail before granting or denying entry. With its countless boxes waiting to be filled out and signatures yearning to be obtained, this form weaves together stories of security measures implemented across various installations worldwide. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we unravel the mysteries hidden within this essential record!

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Form Number DA Form 137-2
Form Title Installation Clearance Record
Edition Date 2/1/2015
File Size 51 KB

What is a DA Form 137-2?

A DA Form 137-2, also known as an Installation Clearance Record, is a crucial document used by the military to keep track of personnel and equipment movements within a specified installation. It serves as proof that individuals or units have received proper clearance before entering or leaving the installation. This form plays a significant role in maintaining security and accountability while ensuring efficient operations.

One important aspect of the DA Form 137-2 is its ability to provide comprehensive information about the individuals or units obtaining clearance. This includes their names, ranks, organizations, and purpose for entering or leaving the installation. By collecting this data, authorities are able to monitor movement patterns and identify potential security risks. Moreover, it facilitates communication between different departments and enhances coordination efforts during complex logistical operations.

The installation clearance record not only helps maintain order but also acts as a historical reference for future analysis and decision-making processes. Over time, it becomes a valuable database that can be used to identify trends in personnel movements or equipment requirements. This enables commanders to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational readiness at all times.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 137-2?

If you are looking for a DA Form 137-2, you may be wondering where to find it. This form, also known as the Installation Clearance Record, is an important document used by military personnel during their transition from one installation to another. While it may seem like a daunting task to locate this form, there are actually several sources you can turn to.

One of the first places to check for a DA Form 137-2 is your installation’s administrative office or Human Resources department. They should have copies of all the necessary forms for military personnel and can provide you with a blank copy. Additionally, many installations now have digital copies of forms available on their websites or intranet systems. These digital copies can be easily downloaded and printed for your convenience.

Another option is to visit the official website of the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD often provides access to various military forms online, including the DA Form 137-2. By visiting their website and searching for the specific form number or name, you should be able to find a downloadable version.

In conclusion, finding a DA Form 137-2 does not have to be difficult. From checking with your installation’s administrative office or HR department to exploring digital options on official websites such as that of the DoD, there are multiple ways in which you can obtain this important document. Remember that timely completion and submission of this form ensures a smooth transition between installations during your military career.

DA Form 137-2 – Installation Clearance Record

The DA Form 137-2, also known as the Installation Clearance Record, serves as a crucial document for military personnel and their families. This form is used to ensure that all necessary tasks and clearances are completed before moving on from a particular Military installation. It outlines various aspects such as housing inspection, vehicle registration, and payment of outstanding debts.

One interesting aspect of this form is its ability to act as a comprehensive checklist for individuals or families who are relocating from one installation to another. It ensures that no important details or procedures are missed during the transition process. By carefully completing each section of the DA Form 137-2, service members can avoid any potential problems later on in their move.

Furthermore, this form not only serves as a record for the individual but also provides vital information to military staff regarding the status of each clearance task. With everything documented in one place, it becomes easier for both parties involved to track progress and identify any outstanding issues that need attention. This promotes smoother transitions between installations and allows for more efficient processes throughout the military community.

In conclusion, while filling out paperwork may not be everyone’s favorite task, the DA Form 137-2 – Installation Clearance Record plays a significant role in ensuring seamless transitions within the military community. From providing an inclusive checklist to streamlining communication between individuals and staff members, this document is indispensable when it comes to relocation preparations.

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