DA Form 260 – Request For Publishing – DA Administrative Publications

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COM DA Form 260 – Request For Publishing – DA Administrative Publications – In the world of bureaucracy, administrative publications play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations within any organization. Whether it’s the military, government agencies, or even corporate entities, these documents serve as a guiding light for policies and procedures. Among the myriad administrative forms used by the United States Army, DA Form 260 stands out as an essential tool for requesting publishing services. This humble piece of paper holds significant power to shape how information is disseminated and absorbed throughout the ranks, making it a critical cog in the machinery that keeps our armed forces running like a well-oiled machine. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of DA Form 260 – its purpose, importance, and how it contributes to maintaining order and clarity in Army administrative publications.

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Form Number DA Form 260
Form Title Request For Publishing – DA Administrative Publications
Edition Date 6/1/2018
File Size  176 KB

What is a DA Form 260?

The DA Form 260, also known as the Request For Publishing – DA Administrative Publications is a vital document in the U.S. Army’s publishing process. This form serves as a formal request for publication of administrative publications within the Department of the Army (DA). Without this form, important updates and changes to critical documents would not be properly communicated throughout the organization.

The DA Form 260 enables authorized personnel to request the publication or revision of administrative publications such as regulations, pamphlets, and manuals. It ensures that any proposed changes go through a rigorous review process by subject matter experts before being published. Furthermore, this form allows for better coordination between various departments and divisions within the Army, ensuring that all necessary stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process.

By using the DA Form 260, organizations can maintain up-to-date and accurate administrative publications that reflect current policies and procedures. This not only improves operational efficiency but also contributes to organizational effectiveness by providing soldiers with clear guidance on how to carry out their duties effectively.

In summary, the DA Form 260 is an essential tool in managing administrative publications within the U.S. Army. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between different units in order to ensure consistency and accuracy in published materials.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 260?

If you’re wondering where you can find a DA Form 260, look no further! The DA Form 260, also known as the Request for Publishing – DA Administrative Publications is a crucial document for military personnel seeking to initiate changes or updates to Army administrative publications. This form allows individuals to propose new publications, revisions to existing ones, or even the cancellation of certain publications. It serves as a formal channel for communication and ensures that any changes made to administrative publications are authorized and properly documented.

To obtain a copy of the DA Form 260, you can visit the official U.S. Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website. The APD is responsible for the publication and distribution of Army administrative publications, field manuals, technical manuals, regulations, forms, and various other documents. On their website, you can search for specific forms using their search bar feature. Simply enter DA Form 260, and you will be directed to a page where you can download a PDF version of the form.

Alternatively, if you prefer physical copies or have difficulty accessing online resources, you may want to consider visiting your local Military Installation Administrative Publications Office (IAPR). These offices typically have hard copies of various administrative forms available for service members who need them. Additionally, they can provide guidance on how to properly complete and submit the DA Form 260 if required.

DA Form 260 – Request For Publishing – DA Administrative Publications

Are you familiar with DA Form 260? If not, let me introduce you to this crucial document in the world of publishing. The DA Form 260, also known as the Request for Publishing – DA Administrative Publications plays a significant role in ensuring that administrative publications are accurately and efficiently produced and distributed within the Department of the Army.

This form is essential because it serves as a formal request for publishing an administrative publication. It outlines necessary information such as title, subject matter, purpose, and intended audience. Additionally, it specifies if there are any previous editions or related publications that need to be updated or revised.

Without the DA Form 260, the publishing process could lack direction and clarity. This important document acts as a guide for publishers to understand what content needs to be created or revised while adhering to specific guidelines set by the Department of Army regulations (DA PAM). By submitting this form early in the process, users ensure that their publications receive proper consideration and undergo necessary reviews before being finalized.

In conclusion, understanding and utilizing the DA Form 260 is crucial for anyone involved in publishing administrative publications within the Department of Army. It provides a clear framework for requesting and producing these documents, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all materials distributed within this government entity.

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