DA Form 3501-2 – Flyability Check Evaluation

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 3501-2 – Flyability Check Evaluation – DA Form 3501-2, also known as the Flyability Check Evaluation, is a critical document that plays an essential role in ensuring safe and efficient military aviation operations. The form is used to evaluate the physical condition of aircraft before they take off, with a particular focus on examining the flyability of each plane.

The evaluation process involves inspecting various systems and components of an aircraft to ensure they are functioning correctly and meet specific standards. This includes checking fuel levels, hydraulic systems, brakes, landing gear, electrical systems, engine performance, and more. The information recorded on the DA Form 3501-2 provides valuable data that helps identify potential issues or safety hazards that may impact the flight’s success or cause significant problems down the line.

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Form Number DA Form 3501-2
Form Title Flyability Check Evaluation
Edition Date 10/1/2019
File Size 71 KB

What is a DA Form 3501-2?

The DA Form 3501-2 is a form used by the United States Army to evaluate the flyability of helicopters. Specifically, it is used as part of the preflight inspection process to ensure that all systems are in proper working order before takeoff. The evaluation covers a wide range of areas, including engine operation, fuel systems, electrical systems, and avionics.

One important aspect of the DA Form 3501-2 is its use in identifying potential safety hazards. By evaluating each system on the helicopter prior to takeoff, pilots can identify any issues that may pose a risk to themselves or others during flight. This helps to ensure that all necessary repairs and maintenance are completed before takeoff.

While the DA Form 3501-2 is primarily used for military helicopters, it provides an important reminder about the importance of thorough preflight inspections for all types of aircraft. Whether you are a military pilot or a private civilian flying for recreation or business purposes, taking the time to properly inspect your aircraft prior to every flight can help keep you and others safe while in the air.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 3501-2?

Finding DA Form 3501-2 is vital for aviation personnel. The Army created this form to assess the flyability of aircraft before and after maintenance. It contains critical information about an aircraft’s performance during flight, such as engine power, control systems, and airframe integrity. However, finding a physical copy of this form can be challenging.

One place to start looking is with your unit’s maintenance or operations department. They may have copies available or know where you can obtain them. Additionally, the Army Publishing Directorate website has a wide range of forms available for download, including DA Form 3501-2.

Another option is to contact the local U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School (USAALS) at Fort Eustis in Virginia. This institution teaches aviators how to inspect and maintain aircraft and should have access to the correct form needed for evaluations.

In conclusion, locating DA Form 3501-2 can be achieved through various means such as your units’ maintenance department or by visiting the U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School at Fort Eustis in Virginia directly.

DA Form 3501-2 – Flyability Check Evaluation

The DA Form 3501-2 is a document used by the United States Army to evaluate the flyability of an aircraft. The form is divided into two sections, with the first section detailing the pre-flight checks that must be carried out before takeoff. These checks include inspecting the exterior and interior of the aircraft, as well as checking fuel levels and other essential systems.

The second section of the DA Form 3501-2 evaluates how well an aircraft performs during flight. Pilots are required to report any issues or malfunctions that occur during flight, such as engine problems or control issues. They must also assess how well the aircraft handles in various conditions, including turbulence and extreme weather.

Overall, the DA Form 3501-2 is an important tool for ensuring that Army pilots are able to safely operate their aircraft. By following strict pre-flight procedures and carefully evaluating their performance in flight, pilots can help ensure that they stay safe while carrying out critical missions for our country.

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