DA Form 3917 – Refuse Collection And Disposal

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 3917 – Refuse Collection And Disposal – Are you tired of the endless trash piling up in your neighborhood? Ever wonder what happens to all that refuse once it leaves your curb? Look no further than the DA Form 3917 – Refuse Collection and Disposal. This seemingly mundane document holds the key to understanding the intricate system of waste management and disposal within military installations. From a detailed breakdown of collection schedules to the environmentally conscious methods employed for disposal, this form offers a fascinating glimpse into the hidden world of garbage management on military bases. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind this essential yet often overlooked aspect of military infrastructure, and discover how it contributes to both operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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Form Number DA Form 3917
Form Title Refuse Collection And Disposal
Edition Date 1/1/2009
File Size 61 KB

What is a DA Form 3917?

The DA Form 3917, also known as the Refuse Collection And Disposal form, is a crucial document used by military installations to track and manage waste disposal activities. This form plays a significant role in ensuring environmental compliance and efficient waste management practices within military bases and facilities. It includes essential information such as the types of waste collected, disposal methods used, and the personnel responsible for handling the waste.

Furthermore, the DA Form 3917 serves as a documentation tool that enables military establishments to adhere to federal and state regulations related to waste management. By accurately recording and reporting waste disposal activities, this form helps maintain transparency and accountability in handling potentially hazardous materials. In addition, it facilitates effective communication between different units involved in waste management efforts, ultimately contributing to a safer and more sustainable environment for both military personnel and surrounding communities.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 3917?

DA Form 3917, also known as the Refuse Collection and Disposal Record, can be found in a variety of locations depending on your specific needs. If you’re a member of the U.S. Army or affiliated with military bases, you can typically obtain this form from the installation’s Environmental Office or Directorate of Public Works. Furthermore, it is often available for download online via official military websites and resource databases.

In addition to traditional avenues of procurement, many technological advancements have made obtaining DA Form 3917 more accessible than ever. With the rise of digital platforms and mobile applications, individuals now have the convenience of accessing and completing this form electronically from virtually anywhere. This increased accessibility not only streamlines administrative processes but also aligns with modern environmental initiatives aimed at reducing paper waste.

Finding DA Form 3917 is not limited to physical copies alone; innovation has expanded its availability to ensure it meets the diverse needs of users across various sectors. Whether through traditional channels or cutting-edge technologies, locating this document has become increasingly user-friendly and adaptable to evolving requirements.

DA Form 3917 – Refuse Collection And Disposal

In the military, waste management is a crucial aspect of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. The DA Form 3917, also known as the Refuse Collection and Disposal form, plays a significant role in ensuring proper waste disposal procedures are followed. This form serves as a documentation tool for tracking the collection and disposal of refuse on military installations. It provides essential information such as the location of refuse collection points, types of waste generated, and details on disposal methods.

By utilizing the DA Form 3917 effectively, military personnel can ensure that all waste management activities adhere to environmental regulations and standards. This form not only facilitates efficient record-keeping but also acts as a means of accountability in managing waste within military facilities. Its meticulous documentation allows for data analysis to identify trends in waste generation, enabling informed decision-making regarding recycling initiatives or improvements in disposal processes.

Overall, understanding the significance of the DA Form 3917 highlights the military’s commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. By embracing these guidelines for refuse collection and disposal, military installations can minimize their environmental impact while maintaining sanitary living conditions for service members and civilians alike.

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