DA Form 4068-SG – Continuation Sheet

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 4068-SG – Continuation Sheet – The DA Form 4068-SG is a continuation sheet used by the United States Department of the Army for various purposes. This form is typically employed when additional space is required to record information on an existing document, such as a report, inventory list, or other military documentation. By utilizing a continuation sheet like the DA Form 4068-SG, the Army ensures the consistency, organization, and comprehensibility of its records.

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Form Number DA Form 4068-SG
Form Title Continuation Sheet
Edition Date 6/1/2021
File Size 42KB

Importance of DA Form 4068-SG in Record-Keeping

Maintaining accurate and detailed records is essential for the efficient functioning of any organization, including the military. The DA Form 4068-SG serves as a valuable tool for the Department of the Army in achieving this goal. The continuation sheet allows for the seamless extension of information that cannot be accommodated within the space constraints of the primary form. This assists in preventing information loss, miscommunication, and inconsistencies within the documentation process.

When to Use DA Form 4068-SG

The DA Form 4068-SG can be employed in a variety of situations where additional space for documentation is required. Some common instances include:

Inventory Management: When managing inventory, it is crucial to record accurate information about the items being tracked. If the standard inventory form lacks sufficient space for this data, a DA Form 4068-SG can be used to provide the necessary room for details.

Incident Reporting: In the event of an incident, a comprehensive report must be filed to document the circumstances surrounding the occurrence. The DA Form 4068-SG can be attached to the main report if the available space is insufficient for a complete account of the event.

Personnel Files: The military maintains extensive personnel files for each service member. If the space provided by a standard form is inadequate for recording a soldier’s complete history, the DA Form 4068-SG can be used to ensure all relevant information is included.

Filling Out the DA Form 4068-SG

To properly complete the DA Form 4068-SG, it is essential to follow these steps:

  • Identify the Primary Form: Indicate the form to which the continuation sheet will be attached. This ensures that the DA Form 4068-SG is correctly associated with the primary document.
  • Include Identifying Information: Provide any relevant identifying information, such as name, rank, or serial number, to establish a clear connection between the continuation sheet and the primary form.
  • Record Additional Data: Use the continuation sheet to record the information that could not fit on the primary form. Be sure to maintain consistency in formatting and organization for ease of comprehension.
  • Attach the DA Form 4068-SG: Once completed, securely attach the DA Form 4068-SG to the primary document to prevent loss or misplacement.

Proper Storage and Accessibility

After completing and attaching the DA Form 4068-SG, it is crucial to store the document securely and ensure its accessibility for future reference. This may involve filing the document in a designated folder, digitizing the record for electronic storage, or both. Maintaining a well-organized and easily accessible filing system is essential for efficient record-keeping within the military.


The DA Form 4068-SG serves as a vital tool for the Department of the Army, facilitating accurate and comprehensive record-keeping. By understanding the purpose, usage, and proper completion of this continuation sheet, military personnel can ensure the consistent and organized documentation necessary for the effective operation

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DA Form 4068-SG