DA Form 4187 – Personnel Action

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 4187 – Personnel Action – The DA Form 4187 – Personnel Action is a form obtained from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command, used to document human resource decisions for military personnel. It can be used for a variety of actions, from granting promotions or awarding medals to requesting transfers and discharges. This form is also known as an action request form and is used by military personnel in all branches of the Armed Forces.

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Form Number DA Form 4187
Form Title Personnel Action
Edition Date 12/1/2022
File Size 58 KB

What is a DA Form 4187?

The DA Form 4187 is a critical document used by the U.S. Army to initiate personnel actions for soldiers. It is normally completed by a soldier’s immediate supervisor or commander and entails requesting specific changes in a soldier’s status such as promotions, transfers, reassignments, and other administrative functions. The form serves as an official record of the action requested and must contain accurate information.

The DA Form 4187 contains several sections that must be filled out correctly for it to be valid. These include biographical data such as name, rank, social security number (SSN), and unit identification code (UIC) among others. Other significant sections include the reason for submission, authority approving or disapproving request, and effective date of action requested among others. Once completed and approved by the appropriate authorities within the chain of command, it becomes part of the soldier’s permanent records.

In conclusion, the DA Form 4187 plays a crucial role in initiating personnel actions in the U.S. Army. It provides an important avenue through which soldiers can make requests for changes related to their status while ensuring accuracy and approval from relevant authorities within their chain of command. Therefore it is essential that all details are filled out precisely to avoid delays in processing or complications down the line.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 4187?

DA Form 4187 is a personnel action form used by the United States Army to request specific actions for soldiers. These actions may include promotions, transfers, or changes in duty assignments. If you’re wondering where to find DA Form 4187, there are several options available.

One of the easiest ways to access this form is through the official Army Publishing Directorate website. The website provides a comprehensive list of all forms, including DA Form 4187. It’s also possible to obtain a hard copy of the form from your unit’s administrative office or personnel department.

For those who prefer electronic copies, there are several websites that provide downloadable versions of DA Form 4187. However, it’s important to ensure that you download an updated version as there have been changes made over time. Additionally, soldiers should always consult with their superiors before submitting any personnel action requests using DA Form 4187.

DA Form 4187 – Personnel Action

DA Form 4187 is a personnel action form that is used by the United States Army to initiate requests for a variety of personnel actions. Some of these actions include reassignment, promotion, demotion, training, and changes to personal information such as address or marital status. This form is utilized for both enlisted soldiers and officers.

The DA Form 4187 must be completed accurately and in accordance with Army regulations. It requires specific information about the soldier’s current position, desired action or change, and justification for the requested action. The form must also be signed by the appropriate individuals depending on the type of action being requested.

It is important for soldiers to understand how to properly complete and submit a DA Form 4187 as it can greatly impact their career progression within the military. They should seek guidance from their chain of command or human resources representative if they have any questions or concerns regarding this process.

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