DA Form 4379 – Ammunition Malfunction Report

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 4379 – Ammunition Malfunction Report – Picture this: You’re in the heat of battle, adrenaline coursing through your veins as you squeeze the trigger, ready to obliterate your target. But suddenly, disaster strikes – your weapon jams and refuses to fire. In those heart-stopping moments, every second counts. That’s where DA Form 4379 comes into play – the Ammunition Malfunction Report that holds the key to understanding what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. Strap in as we delve into the world of ammunition malfunctions and uncover the critical role this form plays in keeping our soldiers safe on the battlefield.

Attention all thrill-seekers and lovers of explosive action: Have you ever wondered what happens when things go awry with ammunition during a firefight? Whether it’s a misfire, hangfire, or even worse, an explosion within your weapon system – these jaw-dropping incidents can mean life or death for our brave soldiers out there on duty. Fear not! The DA Form 4379 is here to save the day.

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Form Number DA Form 4379
Form Title Ammunition Malfunction Report
Edition Date 2/1/2017
File Size 41 KB

What is a DA Form 4379?

A DA Form 4379, also known as an Ammunition Malfunction Report, is a critical document used by the U.S. Army to track and analyze incidents involving ammunition failures or malfunctions. This form serves several purposes, including identifying potential safety hazards, evaluating the performance of specific types of ammunition, and initiating corrective action to prevent future accidents.

When an ammunition malfunction occurs during training or combat operations, it is imperative that soldiers fill out a DA Form 4379 promptly and accurately to ensure that the incident is properly reported and investigated. The information provided on this form includes details such as the type of weapon system and ammunition involved, the location and time of the incident, a description of the malfunction, any injuries or damages incurred, and witness statements if available.

By documenting these incidents in a standardized format with a DA Form 4379, the Army can analyze trends over time and make necessary adjustments to improve safety protocols or identify issues with specific types of ammunition. Through this rigorous reporting process, soldiers play a crucial role in maintaining both their own safety and that of their comrades while continuously striving for excellence in military operations.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 4379?

If you find yourself in need of a DA Form 4379, it’s important to know where you can find one quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, the process is much simpler than you may think. The first place to start is by reaching out to your unit’s supply office or ammunition sergeant. These individuals are well-versed in all things related to ammunition and should be able to provide you with the necessary form.

Another option is to visit the Army Publishing Directorate website. This online resource provides access to an extensive collection of Army forms, including the DA Form 4379. Simply navigate through their user-friendly interface and search for DA Form 4379 in their search bar. Once located, you can easily download and print the form directly from the site.

Additionally, many military bases have a designated printing facility that allows service members easy access to various forms and documents. Check with your local base’s installation services department or information center for more information on where these facilities are located.

Remember that accuracy and up-to-date information are crucial when filling out any official military form, so cross-reference any downloaded copies with official regulations or guidance provided by your command before submitting them.

DA Form 4379 – Ammunition Malfunction Report

Ammunition malfunctions can be a cause of great concern in military operations. The DA Form 4379, also known as the Ammunition Malfunction Report, plays a crucial role in investigating and documenting such incidents. This form serves as a valuable tool for gathering information about ammunition failures, helping to prevent future mishaps and ensure the safety of personnel.

One key aspect of the DA Form 4379 is that it allows for detailed descriptions of ammunition malfunction events. From misfires to hangfires and ammunition detonations, every aspect can be meticulously recorded. This level of detail helps experts analyze patterns and identify trends that may point to broader issues within the ammunition supply chain or manufacturing process.

Furthermore, filling out this form promptly after an incident has occurred ensures accurate documentation while memories are still fresh. Such diligence aids investigators in determining whether the fault lies with a specific batch of ammunition or if there are broader concerns regarding storage, handling procedures, or environmental factors at play.

In conclusion, the importance of properly completing the DA Form 4379 cannot be understated. By providing thorough documentation and precise details about ammunition malfunctions, this form facilitates effective analysis and corrective measures aimed at reducing future incidents.

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