DA Form 5701-47 – CH-47 Performance Planning Card

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 5701-47 – CH-47 Performance Planning Card – The CH-47 Performance Planning Card, DA Form 5701-47, is an important tool for personnel assigned to a CH-47 aircraft. This document provides clear instructions to ensure the safe and efficient operation of this helicopter. The form includes detailed information about the mission, the aircraft’s capabilities, and the responsibilities of its crew members. This planning card is an essential part of ensuring that each mission is conducted safely and successfully.

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Form Number DA Form 5701-47
Form Title CH-47 Performance Planning Card
Edition Date 12/1/2022
File Size 51 KB

What is a DA Form 5701-47?

The DA Form 5701-47 is a critical document for aviation crewmembers who operate the CH-47 Chinook helicopter. This form is also known as the Performance Planning Card, which contains essential information that enables crew members to plan an effective and safe flight mission. The performance planning card includes key details such as aircraft weight, center of gravity (CG) limits, power settings, and fuel consumption.

The purpose of the DA Form 5701-47 is to ensure that all necessary variables are considered when planning a CH-47 mission. For instance, before takeoff, crew members need to fill out this form with accurate data on passenger and cargo weights as well as fuel levels. They also need to use this form to perform calculations on takeoff performance parameters such as torque limits and speed limits during ascent.

In summary, the DA Form 5701-47 plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of all crew members aboard a CH-47 Chinook helicopter during missions. By providing essential information on aircraft weight limits, CG limitations, power settings and fuel consumption rates – this document helps create an organized framework for pilots and other aviation personnel when performing their duties.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 5701-47?

DA Form 5701-47, also known as the CH-47 Performance Planning Card, is a document used by the US Army to plan and evaluate the performance of CH-47 Chinook helicopter pilots. This form is essential for keeping track of pilot training and qualifications, as well as ensuring that all pilots meet the standards set by the Army.

If you are looking for a DA Form 5701-47, there are several places where you can find one. The first place to check is your unit’s supply office or personnel department. They should have copies of all necessary forms for their personnel.

You can also download a copy of DA Form 5701-47 from various online sources. The best place to start is on official Army websites such as army.mil or armypubs.army.mil. Additionally, many third-party websites offer free downloads of military forms like DA Form 5701-47 but be sure to verify their authenticity before using them.

DA Form 5701-47 – CH-47 Performance Planning Card

The DA Form 5701-47, also known as the CH-47 Performance Planning Card, is a vital document for aviation units in planning and executing missions. The form serves as a guide to evaluate aircrew performance, ensuring that standards are met and exceeded. The card consists of four sections: mission information, flight information, crew duty day summary, and evaluation.

The mission information section captures critical details such as the unit name, aircraft type, and tail number, airfield name or location code (LOC), take-off time, landing time, and duration of the flight. This data helps ground support teams track aircraft movements and aids in analyzing performance metrics.

The evaluation section outlines specific criteria that will be used to evaluate the crew’s performance during the flight. This includes factors such as preflight planning activities and in-flight execution of tasks like navigation accuracy, emergency procedures response time, and communication protocol adherence. Overall, the CH-47 Performance Planning Card ensures standardization within an aviation unit by establishing clear expectations for each flight’s outcome while promoting safety measures throughout every operation.

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