DA Form 5960 – Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) Authorization And Dependency Declaration

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 5960 – Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) Authorization And Dependency Declaration – The Department of Defense (DoD) requires all military personnel stationed in the United States to submit a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) authorization form each year. The BAH is a fixed amount of money that is deducted from the paychecks of service members and their families. The dependent children of military personnel are automatically eligible for BAH regardless of whether or not they are living with their parents or other legal guardians.

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Form Number DA Form 5960
Form Title Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) Authorization And Dependency Declaration
Edition Date 1/1/2022
File Size 41 KB

What is a DA Form 5960?

The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a military entitlement that provides service members with financial support to cover the cost of housing. The DA Form 5960 is a document that service members use to request BAH and declare their dependents. This form is used by active duty military personnel, including those in the National Guard and Reserve, who are eligible for BAH based on their rank, location, and marital status.

To complete the DA Form 5960, service members must provide information such as their name, social security number, duty station ZIP code, rank, and grade pay. They must also declare any dependents they have including spouses or children under 21 years old or over 21 years old if they are full-time students.

Once completed and signed by both the service member and their commanding officer, the DA Form 5960 becomes an official record of entitlement for BAH payments. It’s important to note that changes in family status may affect BAH eligibility so updating this form regularly is crucial to ensure accurate payments. Overall, understanding the purpose of the DA Form 5960 can help military personnel take advantage of this valuable benefit while providing clarity on how it works.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 5960?

DA Form 5960 is an essential document that allows service members to receive their Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). This form serves as both an authorization and a declaration of dependency. It provides information on the service member’s dependents, including their names, birth dates, and social security numbers. Without this form, military personnel may not be able to receive the benefits they are entitled to.

There are several places where one can find a DA Form 5960. The most common place to obtain this form is from a military personnel office or finance office on the base. Additionally, it can also be found online through the Army Publishing Directorate website or the Department of Defense Forms website. It is important to ensure that you have the most current version of the form before filling it out.

In summary, DA Form 5960 is a crucial document for military service members looking to receive their BAH benefits. With various sources available such as on-base offices and online websites like the Army Publishing Directorate and Department of Defense Forms website, it has never been easier for servicemen/women to obtain this essential document.

DA Form 5960 – Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) Authorization and Dependency Declaration

The DA Form 5960 is a document that military personnel use to request Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and declare their dependents. BAH is a non-taxable allowance provided to service members who are not provided government housing. The amount of BAH depends on the service member’s rank, location, and dependency status.

The form requires service members to provide information about their marital status, number of dependents, and any other relevant household information. This ensures that the correct amount of BAH is provided based on the service member’s unique situation. Dependents declared on this form may include spouses, children under 18, or dependent parents.

It is important for service members to keep their DA Form 5960 up-to-date as changes in marital status or dependents can affect their BAH entitlements. Additionally, false declarations or failure to update the form can result in disciplinary action or loss of benefits. Overall, the purpose of this form is to ensure that military personnel receives fair compensation for housing expenses incurred during active duty.

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