DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records and Flight Certificate-Army (Flight Pay Work Sheet)

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records and Flight Certificate-Army (Flight Pay Work Sheet) – The DA Form 759-3 is an essential document used by Army personnel to keep a record of their flight activities. It serves as a Flight Pay Worksheet, documenting all flight hours flown by the individual, along with other necessary flight information. These records are crucial in determining eligibility for various aviation incentives and promotions.

The form contains fields for recording basic details like date, aircraft type, mission number or purpose of each flight, and total time has flown. Additionally, it provides space to note any issues encountered during the flight such as equipment malfunctions or adverse weather conditions. This data helps pilots track their progress toward achieving specific goals and also aids commanders in monitoring the readiness levels of their units.

Furthermore, the DA Form 759-3 also serves as an official certification document that verifies Army personnel’s qualifications to fly specific types of aircraft. It is mandatory for all aviation professionals to maintain accurate and up-to-date records on this form to receive compensation for their flying services. In conclusion, the importance of keeping detailed records using this form cannot be overstated as it plays a critical role in aviation operations within the US Army.

Download DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records And Flight Certificate-Army (Flight Pay Work Sheet)

Form Number DA Form 759-3
Form Title Individual Flight Records and Flight Certificate-Army (Flight Pay Work Sheet)
Edition Date 4/1/2022
File Size 80 KB

What is a DA Form 759-3?

The DA Form 759-3 is a critical document used to keep track of flight records and flight pay in the Army. It serves as an individual flight record and contains detailed information about each flight that a service member takes, including the date, aircraft type, duty position, and total time has flown. The form also includes space for the signature of the pilot or crew chief who accompanied the service member on their flight.

In addition to tracking individual flights, the DA Form 759-3 is used to calculate flight pay for Army personnel who are eligible. Flight pay is a monetary incentive paid to pilots and aircrew members who perform hazardous duties involving frequent exposure to personal injury or death. The amount of payment varies depending on several factors like rank and years of experience.

It’s important that all Army personnel who are eligible for flight pay maintain accurate records using this form since it plays a vital role in ensuring they receive proper compensation for their work. Failure to complete this form accurately could result in delayed payments or even loss of benefits if there is no proof of eligibility.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 759-3?

DA Form 759-3, also known as Individual Flight Records and Flight Certificate-Army (Flight Pay Worksheet), is an important document used by Army aviation personnel to record their flight hours. It helps to determine the eligibility of aviators for flight pay and other benefits. If you are an Army aviator or responsible for maintaining records of Army aviation personnel, you may need to find a DA Form 759-3.

The easiest way to obtain a DA Form 759-3 is through official Army channels. You can request the form from your unit’s S1 or administrative office. Additionally, you can download a fillable version of the form from the Army Publishing Directorate website. However, it is crucial to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the form.

It’s worth noting that DA Form 759-3 should be handled with care and maintained accurately at all times since it serves as proof of an individual’s flight hours and pays entitlements. Therefore, individuals tasked with maintaining this document must adhere to proper protocols to avoid inaccuracies or loss of information that could lead to serious consequences for both aviators and their units.

DA Form 759-3 – Individual Flight Records and Flight Certificate-Army (Flight Pay Work Sheet)

DA Form 759-3 is a mandatory form used to document the flight records of Army pilots and crew members. This form contains information about each flight, including the date, time, duration, aircraft type, and purpose of the flight. It also includes information about any special qualifications or training received during the flight.

The Flight Certificate section of DA Form 759-3 documents the successful completion of specific training requirements for Army aviators. These requirements include proficiency in instrument flying, night vision goggles operations, and combat simulations. The completion of these requirements enables pilots and crew members to receive additional pay for performing hazardous duty.

The Flight Pay Worksheet section calculates the amount of flight pay that an individual is entitled to based on their rank and time spent in flight. It takes into account factors such as hazardous duty pay, aviation career incentive pay, and proficiency pay. Accurate documentation on this form is crucial for ensuring that Army aviators receive proper compensation for their service and expertise in flight operations.

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