DA Form 759 – Individual Flight Record And Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours)

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 759 – Individual Flight Record And Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours) – The DA Form 759 is an important document for any military member who wishes to fly for an Army organization. This form serves as the individual flight record and flight crew certificate-Army, where it tracks the essential information of each pilot’s flying hours. The form also includes information about the aircraft flown, mission type, and specific tasks performed during each flight.

The DA Form 759 helps maintain aviation safety standards by ensuring that pilots have met all necessary requirements before operating an aircraft. It is a requirement for all Army pilots to maintain accurate records of their flight hours, so they can meet FAA regulations and keep their skills up to date.

This form serves as a crucial tool in determining readiness levels across all aviation units within the Army. By accurately tracking each pilot’s training and experience level through this form, commanders can make informed decisions regarding flight operations and planning missions. Overall, the DA Form 759 plays a significant role in ensuring safe and effective Army aviation operations while also providing valuable career development opportunities for pilots.

Download DA Form 759 – Individual Flight Record And Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours)

Form Number DA Form 759
Form Title Individual Flight Record And Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours)
Edition Date 4/1/2022
File Size 118 KB

What is a DA Form 759?

The DA Form 759 is a crucial document for individuals in the United States Army who are part of the aviation division. It serves as an Individual Flight Record and Flight Crew Certificate, recording the flight hours completed by each crew member. This certificate is mandatory for any army personnel involved in aviation activities to ensure that they have met all training and proficiency requirements.

The form contains essential information, such as the crew member’s name, rank, and position on the aircraft. Additionally, it records various flight parameters such as takeoff and landing times, flight time duration, type of aircraft flown, and nature of flight (training or operational), among others. The DA Form 759 also includes spaces for remarks from instructors or evaluators regarding specific skills and areas that need improvement.

Overall, this certificate plays a critical role in maintaining safety standards within army aviation operations. It ensures that each individual has achieved a certain level of competency before being allowed to fly alone or with other crew members. Thus it helps maintain the high standards of professionalism necessary for effective military operations while guaranteeing safety during flights both domestically and internationally.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 759?

If you’re a member of the United States Army and looking for DA Form 759, you can typically find it at your local aviation unit. The form is used to document an individual’s flight time as well as their certification as a flight crew member. If you need this form for any reason, such as applying for benefits or changing duty stations, be sure to contact your unit’s aviation department first.

Another option for finding DA Form 759 is to search online. There are many websites that offer blank copies of the form that can be downloaded and printed out. However, be cautious when using these sites, as some may have outdated forms or other inaccuracies that could cause issues down the line.

If all else fails, reach out to the Department of Defense Forms Management Program or consult with a military legal assistance attorney who can help guide you in obtaining and filling out the correct version of DA Form 759.

DA Form 759 – Individual Flight Record And Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours)

DA Form 759, also known as the Individual Flight Record and Flight Crew Certificate-Army (Flight Hours), is a document used by Army aviators to record their flight hours. It serves as a logbook that tracks all flying activities of an individual, including time in different aircraft types, mission types, and total flight hours.

The DA Form 759 is essential for Army pilots to maintain their flight currency and proficiency. The form provides a comprehensive record of each pilot’s flight experience, which helps them meet the requirements for maintaining aviation qualifications. The details recorded on this form are required when applying for advanced training or promotion.

In addition to tracking individual flight hours, the DA Form 759 also serves as proof of certification for qualified crew members. It contains information about an aviator’s training and qualifications that can be used by commanders to ensure that only certified personnel are assigned to critical missions. Overall, the DA Form 759 plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and competency in Army aviation operations.

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