DA Form 7619 – Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data (Surveyed Site)

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 7619 – Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data (Surveyed Site) – In the ever-evolving landscape of modern warfare, precision and accuracy are paramount. The ability to swiftly deploy and effectively engage enemy targets has become a strategic advantage that can make all the difference on the battlefield. Enter DA Form 7619 – Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data (Surveyed Site). This meticulously designed form serves as a critical tool for military personnel tasked with ensuring the proper positioning and alignment of Patriot missile launchers. With its comprehensive data fields and precise instructions, this survey document plays a pivotal role in maximizing the performance of one of the world’s most formidable air defense systems.

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Form Number DA Form 7619
Form Title Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data (Surveyed Site)
Edition Date 8/1/2018
File Size 30 KB

What is a DA Form 7619?

The DA Form 7619 is a critical document used by the United States Army for collecting data on Patriot launcher location and alignment. This surveyed site form is designed to ensure accurate positioning of the Patriot missile launch system, which plays a vital role in defense and protection from enemy threats. It serves as a valuable tool for recording precise geographic information such as latitude, longitude, elevation, azimuth readings, and other essential data necessary for establishing a strong defense posture.

Accuracy is crucial when it comes to the deployment of any military equipment, especially in the field of air defense. The DA Form 7619 provides an organized method of gathering detailed information needed to align missile launchers correctly. Surveyors meticulously record key measurements obtained through various tools like GPS receivers and compasses. These precise calculations aid in setting up launchers strategically at designated locations in both training exercises and real-life combat situations.

The proper completion of the DA Form 7619 not only ensures accurate positioning but also helps streamline further tasks related to tracking and targeting potential threats effectively. Any deviations or inaccuracies could significantly impact missile performance while jeopardizing national security efforts. By understanding the importance of this form’s content and purpose, one gains insight into the comprehensive planning and execution required when operating advanced air defense systems like the Patriot launcher.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7619?

If you’re in the military or work closely with the United States Army, chances are you’ve come across various forms and paperwork. One such form is the DA Form 7619, specifically used for the Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data – Surveyed Site. Now, you might be wondering, where can I find a DA Form 7619? Well, fret not because I’m here to guide you through.

The best place to start your search for a DA Form 7619 is on official U.S. Army websites and resources. Visit the U.S. Army Publishing Directorate’s website or go directly to the Army Publishing Directorate’s Forms Management Program webpage. Here, you can input DA Form 7619 in the search bar and easily access it in PDF format. Another viable option is contacting your unit’s administrative staff or retention office as they may have physical copies of this form readily available.

In addition to online resources and army offices, there are also third-party websites that provide access to various military forms. Sites like uslegalforms.com and mydaforms.com offer downloadable versions of different forms including DA Forms like number 7619 amongst others.

Finding a specific form like DA Form 7619 doesn’t have to be an arduous task anymore with these helpful resources at your disposal. Whether it’s from official army websites or trusted third-party platforms, obtaining this vital document should now be within reach for those who need it.

DA Form 7619 – Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data (Surveyed Site)

The DA Form 7619 plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the Patriot Launcher system. This form provides detailed information about the surveyed site, including its location and alignment data, which are vital for proper functioning.

One of the key aspects covered by this form is the launcher’s geographical position. By accurately recording latitude, longitude, and elevation, military personnel can ensure precise targeting and engagement of enemy threats. This data is not only important for operational purposes but also aids in effective communication with other units during joint operations.

Another critical element captured on the DA Form 7619 is the alignment data. It includes details such as azimuth (horizontal aiming angle) and vertical elevation angle, which are essential for accurate missile launch trajectories. Proper alignment minimizes errors and ensures that missiles hit their desired targets with maximum precision.

In conclusion, while seemingly technical in nature, understanding the significance of DA Form 7619 – Patriot Launcher Location And Alignment Data (Surveyed Site) reveals how crucial meticulous attention to detail is on the battleground. This form allows military personnel to prepare their weaponry effectively by providing accurate geographical positioning and precise alignment data. Such precision increases operational efficiency and ultimately contributes to a safer environment during combat situations.

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DA Form 7619