DA Form 7634 – Army Personnel Testing Test Log

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 7634 – Army Personnel Testing Test Log – This DA form 7634, Army Personnel Testing Test Log, was used by a soldier to document the results of his personnel testing. The form is divided into five sections, each containing information about the test. The tests covered subjects such as math, reading comprehension, and answer choices.

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Form Number DA Form 7634
Form Title Army Personnel Testing Test Log
Edition Date 4/1/2022
File Size 36 KB

What is a DA Form 7634?

The DA Form 7634 is a document used in the United States Army to record various personnel testing results. This form is mainly used by military intelligence units, and it assists them in keeping track of different tests taken by soldiers that require clearance before deployment.

The purpose of this form is to ensure that all personnel has met specific criteria for their job performance. It records data such as test name, date taken, score, and remarks. The remarks section allows testers to provide additional information regarding the test or individual’s performance.

It is crucial that testers fill out this form accurately and completely as it plays a significant role in determining a soldier’s eligibility for certain assignments. The DA Form 7634 serves as an essential tool in ensuring that the Army maintains its high standard of readiness through comprehensive testing and evaluation of personnel.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7634?

DA Form 7634 is a test log used by the Army Personnel Testing (APT) program to record and track testing results. This form is essential in maintaining accurate records of personnel who have taken tests, including their scores and dates when tests were taken. Military personnel must take certain tests as part of their training or career advancement requirements, which makes it important to keep an updated record of their performance on these tests.

Finding DA Form 7634 can be a challenge for military personnel who need it. One way to obtain this form is through the APT Program Manager at your installation’s education center or military education office. They can provide you with the necessary documents needed for testing, including DA Form 7634. Additionally, you can find a copy of this form online through various military websites or government agencies where forms are available for download.

In conclusion, obtaining DA Form 7634 requires proactive effort and communication with relevant military offices. The importance of this form cannot be understated as it helps in managing proper records of test-taking results that are vital to a soldier’s career advancement and development within the military hierarchy system.

DA Form 7634 – Army Personnel Testing Test Log

DA Form 7634, also known as the Army Personnel Testing Test Log, is a standard form used in the US Army to record and track personnel testing results. This form is utilized to document test scores for individuals who are required to take various tests throughout their military careers. The DA Form 7634 contains essential information such as the name of the individual being tested, their rank and service number, date of testing, and specific test scores.

The purpose of this form is to keep an accurate record of an individual’s test results throughout their time in the army. It allows commanders to monitor performance levels and identify areas where additional training may be needed. Furthermore, it helps ensure that all necessary tests are taken by each soldier at appropriate intervals in accordance with regulations.

Overall, DA Form 7634 serves as a vital tool for maintaining records of military personnel’s testing history. Understanding its importance can help soldiers better track their progress and ensure they remain compliant with regulations regarding mandatory testing requirements.

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DA Form 7634