DA Form 7790 – Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis)

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 7790 – Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis) – DA Form 7790, also known as Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS), is a critical document used by the U.S Department of Defense to ensure the proper handling, storage, and accountability of supplies. The form outlines specific guidelines for the management of material resources in storage facilities, including warehouses, depots, and stockrooms.

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of DA Form 7790 and its significance in maintaining a well-organized and efficient supply chain system. We will delve into the various components of the form and explain how it helps military personnel manage inventory levels, track equipment maintenance schedules, conduct routine inspections, and prevent losses due to theft or damage.

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Form Number DA Form 7790
Form Title Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis)
Edition Date 1/1/2020
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What is a DA Form 7790?

The DA Form 7790 is a document used by the United States Army to record and track the storage and care of supplies. It is also known as the Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis) form. This form is essential for maintaining accurate inventory records, ensuring that items are stored appropriately, and identifying any potential issues with storage facilities.

The Cosis form includes detailed information about each item in storage, including its location within the facility, condition, quantity, and expiration date. The form must be updated regularly to reflect any changes in inventory or storage conditions. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all personnel responsible for managing supplies understand how to properly complete and maintain the Cosis form.

Overall, the DA Form 7790 plays a critical role in keeping military supplies organized and secure. By utilizing this document effectively, units can ensure that they have access to the resources they need when they need them while minimizing waste or loss due to improper storage or handling.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7790?

DA Form 7790 is a document that is used to account for the proper storage and care of supplies. It is a critical form in the military as it ensures that all equipment and materials are properly maintained and stored to prevent damage or deterioration. The document provides an overview of the supply chain process, from receipt to issuance, and also includes details on any maintenance performed on the items.

To obtain a DA Form 7790, individuals can visit their local military installation’s supply office or logistics section. Alternatively, it may be possible to download the form online from official military websites such as Army Publishing Directorate. However, it should be noted that certain forms may only be available in hard copy format due to security reasons.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a DA Form 7790, your first point of contact should be with your local military installation’s logistics or supply office. They will have access to these documents and will be able to provide further guidance on how best to use them within your specific area of work or operation.

DA Form 7790 – Care Of Supplies In Storage (Cosis)

DA Form 7790, also known as Care Of Supplies In Storage (COSIS), is a document created by the Department of Defense to ensure proper storage and maintenance of military equipment. The form is used to record the condition and location of each piece of equipment, as well as any repairs or maintenance that have been performed on it.

The primary goal of COSIS is to prevent damage or loss to military equipment while in storage. This can include anything from small tools and supplies to large vehicles and weapons systems. By using DA Form 7790, military personnel can easily track the status of their equipment, identify potential problems before they become serious, and take appropriate measures to prevent further damage.

In addition to maintaining proper records, COSIS also includes guidelines for storing different types of equipment. This can include temperature and humidity requirements, storage techniques for sensitive materials such as explosives or chemicals, and procedures for maintaining security in high-risk areas. Overall, DA Form 7790 plays a critical role in ensuring that military equipment remains safe, secure, and ready for use when needed.

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