DA Form 7791 – Eyewitness Statement (For Valor/Heroism)

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 7791 – Eyewitness Statement (For Valor/Heroism) – Eyewitness accounts are crucial in reconstructing events and providing a comprehensive understanding of situations. In the realm of valor and heroism, these accounts hold an even greater significance as they shed light on extraordinary acts of bravery and selflessness. The DA Form 7791 – Eyewitness Statement (For Valor Heroism) serves as a vital tool for capturing these awe-inspiring moments, providing a detailed record that honors the courage displayed by individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

This article aims to explore the purpose and importance of the DA Form 7791 in documenting eyewitness statements for valor heroism.

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Form Number DA Form 7791
Form Title Eyewitness Statement (For Valor/Heroism)
Edition Date 6/1/2019
File Size 35 KB

What is a DA Form 7791?

DA Form 7791 is a specific type of form used by the United States Army to document eyewitness statements related to acts of valor and heroism. This form is typically utilized in situations where soldiers have witnessed exceptional bravery or extraordinary actions on the battlefield. It serves as an official record containing the firsthand account provided by individuals who were present during these courageous events.

The purpose of DA Form 7791 is to provide an accurate and detailed description of the heroic act from those who directly observed it. By capturing these eyewitness statements, the Army can gather critical information about the incident, ensuring that all relevant details are recorded for future reference. This form helps maintain transparency and authenticity in documenting acts of valor, which may be considered for recognition through awards such as medals or commendations.

When completing DA Form 7791, it is crucial for witnesses to provide their personal information, including name, rank, unit affiliation, and contact details. They must also describe the events they witnessed in a clear, concise manner while providing specific details such as location, date and time of occurrence, persons involved if known, and any other relevant facts or circumstances surrounding the act of valor or heroism.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7791?

If you are in search of a DA Form 7791, you might be wondering where exactly you can find it. The DA Form 7791 is specifically used for eyewitness statements related to valor and heroism. This form is commonly utilized in the military to document accounts of bravery and courage displayed by individuals during critical situations.

To obtain a copy of the DA Form 7791, your first step would be to check with your unit’s administrative office or the legal department. These departments typically have access to all necessary military forms, including the DA Form 7791. Additionally, you may also be able to find this form on official military websites or online databases that provide access to various military documents.

It is important to note that while it is possible to come across unofficial versions or templates of this form on other websites, it is always recommended to use the official version provided by the military. This ensures that all required information and details are accurately recorded and submitted as per regulations and guidelines set forth by the military authorities.

DA Form 7791 – Eyewitness Statement (For Valor/Heroism)

The DA Form 7791, also known as the Eyewitness Statement (For Valor Heroism), is a crucial document used to gather information and testimonies from individuals who have witnessed acts of valor or heroism. This form is specifically designed to document firsthand accounts of courageous actions or exceptional bravery displayed by members of the armed forces in combat or other dangerous situations.

When completing this form, it is essential for eyewitnesses to provide accurate and detailed information about the incident they witnessed. This includes describing the specific actions taken by the individual being nominated for valor or heroism awards, as well as any other relevant details such as location, date, time, and circumstances surrounding the event. The eyewitness statement serves as an official record that can be used during award nomination processes and helps provide a comprehensive account of the act deserving of recognition.

In addition to capturing important details about the incident, DA Form 7791 also requires witnesses to provide their personal contact information. This allows for further verification if needed and ensures that witnesses can be reached out to for clarification or additional statements if required during subsequent investigations or inquiries related to the act being recognized.

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