DA Form 7819 – Urban Marksmanship Scorecard

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 7819 – Urban Marksmanship Scorecard – In modern warfare and law enforcement, urban combat has become increasingly prevalent. With its unique challenges and complex environments, it is crucial for military personnel and law enforcement officers to possess exceptional marksmanship skills tailored specifically for urban settings. The DA Form 7819 – Urban Marksmanship Scorecard serves as a comprehensive tool to evaluate and improve the proficiency of individuals in these high-pressure scenarios. By providing a structured framework for assessing marksmanship abilities within urban contexts, this scorecard not only enhances individual performance but also contributes to the overall effectiveness of tactical operations in densely populated areas.

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Form Number DA Form 7819
Form Title Urban Marksmanship Scorecard
Edition Date 7/1/2019
File Size 36 KB

What is a DA Form 7819?

The DA Form 7819, also known as the Urban Marksmanship Scorecard, is a document used by the United States Army to record and evaluate the marksmanship skills of soldiers in an urban combat environment. This form is specifically designed to assess proficiency in shooting techniques required in close-quarter battle situations. It provides a structured framework for recording scores and feedback on various marksmanship tasks, including engagement of targets at different distances and angles.

The Urban Marksmanship Scorecard serves as a valuable tool for evaluating soldiers’ abilities to accurately engage hostile targets while minimizing collateral damage in urban areas. It allows instructors and evaluators to measure individual performance against established standards, identify areas that need improvement, and provide tailored training programs accordingly. Additionally, this form facilitates consistency and standardization across units by ensuring that all relevant aspects of urban marksmanship are assessed uniformly.

By utilizing the DA Form 7819, commanders can effectively gauge their soldiers’ readiness for combat operations in urban environments. The scorecard promotes continuous improvement within military units by providing concrete data on marksmanship capabilities and enabling targeted training interventions where necessary. Ultimately, this form plays a critical role in enhancing the overall effectiveness of soldiers in challenging urban combat scenarios.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7819?

The DA Form 7819, also known as the Urban Marksmanship Scorecard, is a crucial document used by military personnel to record and track their marksmanship skills in urban combat scenarios. However, finding a copy of this specific form can sometimes be challenging for individuals who need it for training purposes or official use.

One primary source to obtain a DA Form 7819 is the official website of the U.S. Army. The website provides an extensive collection of various forms and documents that are regularly used by army personnel across different departments and units. The forms can usually be found in the resources section where users can search for specific forms using keywords such as DA Form 7819 or Urban Marksmanship Scorecard.

In addition to the official army website, there are other online platforms that offer access to downloadable copies of the DA Form 7819. Online communities dedicated to military topics or forums often have sections where members share resources and documents related to their experiences in service. These platforms can be helpful in locating not only the form itself but also additional information on how to effectively utilize it during marksmanship training exercises in urban environments.

Overall, while finding a copy of the DA Form 7819 may require some effort and research, both official army websites and online military communities serve as valuable resources for obtaining this essential document for tracking marksmanship skills in urban combat situations.

DA Form 7819 – Urban Marksmanship Scorecard

DA Form 7819 is a scorecard specifically designed for evaluating marksmanship skills in urban environments. With the increasing importance of urban warfare and close-quarters combat, it has become crucial for military personnel to possess exceptional shooting abilities in such scenarios. The DA Form 7819 serves as a standardized tool to assess and document soldiers’ performance during these challenging conditions.

This form evaluates various aspects of marksmanship, including accuracy, speed, decision-making, and target engagement techniques. It allows instructors and evaluators to record each shooter’s individual performance on different shooting drills specific to urban environments. Additionally, the scorecard provides valuable feedback that helps identify areas of improvement for soldiers, enabling them to enhance their marksmanship skills further.

The implementation of the DA Form 7819 ensures that soldiers are adequately trained in handling firearms within an urban setting. By utilizing this scorecard, military units can maintain a high level of readiness by regularly assessing their personnel’s proficiency in urban marksmanship. This systematic evaluation process contributes to building stronger combat capabilities while enhancing soldier safety and effectiveness in complex operational environments.

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