DA Form 7859 – Scorecard For Humint Collection Team Mi Training Strategy Tier 3

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COM DA Form 7859 – Scorecard For Humint Collection Team Mi Training Strategy Tier 3 – The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has been working tirelessly to enhance the capabilities of Humint Collection Teams (HCTs) in order to gather intelligence critical for national security. As part of this effort, the DIA has developed a comprehensive training program for HCT personnel that includes various tiers of instruction and evaluation. The DA Form 7859 – Scorecard for Humint Collection Team Mi Training Strategy Tier 3 is an essential component of this initiative.

This article provides an in-depth analysis of the DA Form 7859 and its role in assessing the effectiveness of Tier 3 training strategies for HCT personnel. It explores how this scorecard helps evaluate trainees’ skill sets, knowledge, and abilities while implementing different collection methodologies.

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Form Number DA Form 7859
Form Title Scorecard For Humint Collection Team Mi Training Strategy Tier 3
Edition Date 2/1/2020
File Size 2 MB

What is a DA Form 7859?

DA Form 7859 is a scorecard used to evaluate the performance of Humint Collection Team (HCT) members during Tier 3 training for Military Intelligence (MI). This form helps trainers assess the skills, knowledge, and abilities of HCT members and identify areas where improvement is needed. The scorecard includes various sections that cover different aspects of HCT training, including planning and preparation, execution of collection operations, analysis and reporting, and communication skills.

Each section on the DA Form 7859 scorecard contains specific criteria that trainers use to rate HCT members’ performance. These criteria are based on standard MI procedures and best practices for Humint collection operations. Training evaluators use a scale from “1” to “5” to rate each criterion, with “5” being the highest possible score. The results from this evaluation give trainers valuable feedback about individual team member’s strengths and weaknesses.

In summary, DA Form 7859 is an essential tool in evaluating the effectiveness of HCT training programs in Tier 3 MI Operations. Through this form’s utilization, trainers can ensure that their trainees are well-equipped with crucial military intelligence skills required for carrying out successful Humint collection operations while also identifying areas requiring improvement. Overall this scorecard supports achieving efficient intelligence gathering through its ability to facilitate clear evaluations of trainees’ readiness for real-life missions as part of Military Intelligence operations.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 7859?

If you’re looking for a DA Form 7859, it’s likely that you’re either in the military or working with military personnel. The DA Form 7859 is a Scorecard for Humint Collection Team MI Training Strategy Tier 3 and is typically used by those in Military Intelligence (MI) training programs.

One place to start your search for the form is through official military channels. You can try contacting your unit’s administrative office or reaching out to the Defense Information School, which provides training and resources for those in MI roles. Additionally, the U.S. Army Human Resources Command website may have information on where to obtain the form.

If you’re unable to find what you need through these channels, there are also websites that offer downloadable versions of various DA forms. However, be cautious when using third-party sites as some may not provide accurate or up-to-date forms. It’s always best to verify any sources before downloading important documents like this one.

DA Form 7859 – Scorecard For Humint Collection Team Mi Training Strategy Tier 3

The DA Form 7859 is a scorecard used in the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection Team MI Training Strategy Tier 3. This form is designed to evaluate the performance of HUMINT collectors in their training exercises, focusing on specific skills and tasks required for successful intelligence gathering.

The scorecard itself consists of several categories, including Planning, Preparation, Execution, and Reporting. Each category has its own set of criteria that are used to assess the performance of the collector. These scores are then used to determine whether or not the collector is meeting the requirements for the successful completion of their training program.

Overall, the DA Form 7859 plays an essential role in ensuring that HUMINT collectors receive proper training and support throughout their careers. By providing a clear set of standards for evaluation and feedback, this form helps to ensure that collectors are well-equipped to handle any challenges they may face in their work as intelligence gatherers.

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