I-602 Form – Application by Refugee for Waiver of Inadmissibility Grounds

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMI-602 Form – Application by Refugee for Waiver of Inadmissibility Grounds – The I-602 form is an important document for refugees seeking to enter the United States. It is the official application for waiver of inadmissibility grounds, which must be submitted and approved before an individual can gain entry into the country. In order to properly complete this form and have it accepted by immigration services, applicants must understand the various regulations and requirements associated with it.

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Form Number I-602 Form
Form Title Application by Refugee for Waiver of Inadmissibility Grounds
Edition Date 8/8/2022
File Size 529 KB

What is an I-602 Form?

An I-602 Form is an Application by a Refugee for Waiver of Inadmissibility Grounds. This form can be used to apply for a waiver of a certain category of inadmissibility, which would otherwise make an individual ineligible to enter the United States or receive other immigration benefits. The inadmissibility grounds that may be waived through this form include health-related reasons, such as having certain communicable diseases; criminal convictions; and other security-related issues, such as being associated with terrorism or human trafficking. The applicant must provide evidence that they meet all requirements and demonstrate “extreme hardship” if the waiver is not granted. After submitting their application and documentation to USCIS, applicants are required to appear before an Immigration Officer at their local U.S. embassy or consulate to present their case and answer any questions related to their application. Once approved by USCIS, the individual will become eligible for admission into the United States or receive other immigration benefits according to the terms of their waiver approval notice.

Where Can I Find an I-602 Form?

The I-602 form is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website at https://free-online-forms.com/ or you can request a copy through the USCIS Contact Center by calling 1-800-375-5283, or from a USCIS Field Office. You may also be able to find the form online at other websites such as immihelp.com or uscisformsdownloads.com, although it’s important to note that these sites are not affiliated with USCIS and may contain outdated forms and information.

When filling out your I-602 form, make sure you follow all of the instructions provided on the USCIS website carefully in order to ensure your application is accepted without delay or rejection due to errors or omissions in the required information. Along with your completed I 602 form, supporting documents such as financial records, birth certificates, and legal documents must also be submitted for consideration when applying for a waiver of inadmissibility grounds under section 212(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

I-602 Form – Application by Refugee for Waiver of Inadmissibility Grounds

I-602 Form is an application for a waiver of inadmissibility grounds for refugees. It is issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to those who cannot be admitted into the US due to certain legal restrictions. The form serves as a request for a waiver of these restrictions based on humanitarian reasons, such as family unification or extreme hardship.

The applicant must indicate the reason they are requesting a waiver and provide evidence that supports their claim, such as evidence of employment, financial support, medical history, or relationship with relatives already living in the US. The USCIS will review this evidence before making a decision on whether to grant the waiver or not. The form also requires information regarding any criminal convictions that may have been incurred outside of the US. If approved, refugees may be able to enter and live in the United States legally.

In order to be eligible for I-602 Form processing, applicants must meet specific criteria outlined by USCIS including proving their identity and valid refugee status from their home country’s government. Applicants must also provide biometric information such as fingerprints and photographs so that background checks can be performed prior to granting any waivers or other forms of relief from inadmissibility grounds.

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