I-864A Form – Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COM I-864A Form – Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member – Having a family member immigrate to the United States can be an exciting but stressful process. In order to ensure a successful outcome, the sponsor must understand and comply with the multitude of Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) forms required in the application process. One such form is the I-864A, known as the Contract between the Sponsor and Household Member. This article will examine what this form entails, who is required to sign it, and why it’s important for all parties involved.

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Form Number I-864A Form
Form Title Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member
Edition Date 12/08/21
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What is an I-864A Form?

The I-864A Form is a contract between a sponsor and a household member, typically the spouse of the sponsor. It is used as part of the affidavit of support (Form I-864) when filing for an immigrant visa or adjusting to permanent resident status in the United States. The form establishes that both parties agree to maintain sufficient financial resources to cover any costs associated with the sponsored immigrant’s living expenses and medical care if necessary. This form must be signed by both parties in order for it to be valid and legally binding.

The I-864A Form outlines what kind of support will be provided by either party, such as food and clothing, housing, healthcare, transportation, etc. It also states how much money will be contributed by each party toward these expenses. This amount cannot exceed 125% of the federal poverty guidelines unless otherwise indicated on the form itself. Finally, it explains how long this agreement will last; usually, until either party decides that they no longer need to provide financial assistance or until their legal status changes (i.e., naturalization).

Where Can I Find an I-864A Form?

The I-864A form is a contract between the sponsor of an immigrant and any other members of the household. It is used to demonstrate that all members of the household, including the sponsored immigrant, will be supported financially by the sponsor, who has signed Form I-864. The I-864A form must be filed with Form I-864 and other necessary immigration forms when applying for a green card. The form can be found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website or obtained from a local USCIS office or authorized third-party provider. Additionally, applicants may also use software programs that are approved by USCIS to generate their I-864A forms electronically and submit them directly to USCIS through its online system, known as ELIS (Electronic Immigration System). Those using paper applications should include two copies of Form I-864A with their application package; one copy should be sent to USCIS, while another copy should be kept for records.

I-864A Form – Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member

The I-864A Form, also known as the Affidavit of Support Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member, is a document that is used when a sponsor files an affidavit of support. This form helps to ensure that the immigrant sponsored receives the financial support they need while they are in the United States. The contract between the sponsor and household member stipulates that the sponsor agrees to financially support any immigrants sponsored by them for up to 10 years or until they become U.S. citizens, whichever comes first. This form requires both parties to fill out their personal information including name and address, as well as contact information for any third party involved in providing financial assistance.

In addition, it includes questions about income and assets owned by both parties in order to determine eligibility for benefits related to public charge considerations on Form I-864P Poverty Guidelines chart. Lastly, it includes signature sections where each party must sign off on their agreement before submission of the form. By signing this affidavit of support contract between the sponsor and household member, sponsors guarantee that their sponsored immigrants will not be a burden on public funds during their stay in the United States due to a lack of financial resources.

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