DA Form 2173 – Statement Of Medical Examination And Duty Status

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 2173 – Statement Of Medical Examination And Duty Status – This DA Form 2173 is used to document a medical examination and duty status. This form is completed by the individual who undergoes the medical examination. The purpose of this form is to document that the individual has been examined by a licensed physician and that they are fit for duty.

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Form Number DA Form 2173
Form Title Statement Of Medical Examination And Duty Status
Edition Date 6/1/2021
File Size 47 KB

What is a DA Form 2173?

A DA Form 2173 is a document used by the US Army to record and report medical examinations undergone by soldiers. It is also called a Statement of Medical Examination and Duty Status. The form typically includes information about the soldier’s physical condition, such as height, weight, blood pressure, vision, and hearing test results. Additionally, it may include details on any medical conditions diagnosed or treated during the examination.

The DA Form 2173 serves several purposes. First, it helps doctors determine whether soldiers are physically fit for duty or require medical attention before deployment into combat zones. Second, it provides a quick reference for commanders to understand the overall health status of their troops. Finally, it documents any injuries or illnesses incurred while on active duty and provides necessary information for disability claims after discharge from service.

Overall, the DA Form 2173 is an essential tool in ensuring that soldiers receive adequate care while serving in the US Army. It allows doctors to make informed decisions about fitness for duty and ensures that records are accurately maintained throughout a soldier’s military career.

Where Can I Find a DA Form 2173?

The DA Form 2173 is a crucial document in the military that serves to indicate the medical examination and duty status of an individual. It is also commonly referred to as a “Profile Sheet.” This form helps ascertain an individual’s ability to perform their duties effectively and efficiently while considering their current health condition. However, finding this form can be challenging, especially for those who are not familiar with the military.

One of the easiest ways to get hold of a DA Form 2173 is by visiting your nearest Military Treatment Facility (MTF). The MTFs have healthcare providers who offer medical services and check-ups. They can help fill out this form based on your medical assessment results. You can also request copies of your completed forms from them.

Additionally, you can access the DA Form 2173 from various online resources such as the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) or the Department of Defense Forms website. These sites give users access to download and print official documents related to army publications, regulations, manuals, forms, etc., including the DA Form 2173.

DA Form 2173 – Statement Of Medical Examination And Duty Status

The DA Form 2173, also known as the Statement of Medical Examination and Duty Status, is a critical document used by medical personnel to determine the fitness of military personnel for duty. The form contains vital information regarding an individual’s medical history and current medical status that can assist in determining their ability to perform military duties.

Military commanders use the information provided on the DA Form 2173 to make informed decisions regarding an individual’s assignment and duties. If a soldier is found unable to perform certain tasks due to health reasons, then they may be given an alternate role or placed on temporary or permanent duty restrictions.

It is important for military personnel to take their health seriously and report any changes in their medical status promptly. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences, including potential harm to themselves or others. The DA Form 2173 plays a crucial role in ensuring that soldiers are physically fit for duty and can carry out their assigned tasks safely and effectively.

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