DA Form 4072 – Record Of Negotiations (Nonappropriated Funds)

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COMDA Form 4072 – Record Of Negotiations (Nonappropriated Funds) – DA Form 4072, also known as the Record of Negotiations (Nonappropriated Funds), is a crucial document that tracks and formalizes negotiations between the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and non-federal entities. This form ensures transparency and accountability, as it provides a record of the key terms and conditions agreed upon during the negotiation process.

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Form Number DA Form 4072
Form Title Record Of Negotiations (Nonappropriated Funds)
Edition Date 6/1/2021
File Size 32 KB

The Importance of DA Form 4072 in Military Contracting

When it comes to military contracting, proper documentation and record-keeping are essential. DA Form 4072 serves as a critical reference tool for both the DoD and the non-federal entity involved in the negotiation process. By accurately recording the details of each negotiation, this form helps to:

  • Ensure Compliance: DA Form 4072 helps both parties adhere to the agreed-upon terms and conditions, reducing the risk of disputes and misunderstandings.
  • Facilitate Communication: This form serves as a common point of reference for all parties involved, promoting clear communication and collaboration throughout the contracting process.
  • Provide Transparency: By maintaining a detailed record of negotiations, DA Form 4072 allows for increased transparency, which is crucial for fostering trust between the DoD and non-federal entities.

How to Complete DA Form 4072 – Step-by-Step Instructions

Filling out DA Form 4072 can be a complex process, as it requires a thorough understanding of the negotiation details. To ensure accuracy, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Identify the Parties Involved: Begin by entering the names and addresses of the non-federal entity and the DoD contracting office involved in the negotiation.
  • Provide Contract Information: Include the contract number, type of contract, and date of negotiation.
    Outline the Scope of Work: Clearly describe the work to be performed, including any specific deliverables and timelines.
  • List Terms and Conditions: Detail any agreed-upon terms and conditions, such as payment schedules, performance guarantees, or intellectual property rights.
  • Record Negotiation Details: Document any issues that arose during the negotiation process, as well as the resolutions reached.
  • Capture Signatures: Obtain signatures from both the non-federal entity representative and the DoD contracting officer to confirm the accuracy of the information provided.

Best Practices for DA Form 4072 – Record Of Negotiations (Nonappropriated Funds)

To ensure the effectiveness of DA Form 4072, it’s essential to follow best practices when completing and maintaining this document. Some recommendations include:

  • Maintain Accurate Records: Ensure that all information entered on the form is accurate and up-to-date. Regularly review and update the form as needed to reflect any changes in the agreement.
  • Keep Copies: Retain copies of all completed DA Form 4072s for future reference, and make them available to relevant parties upon request.
  • Adhere to Privacy Regulations: When handling sensitive information, always adhere to relevant privacy regulations and guidelines, such as the Privacy Act of 1974.
  • Ensure Proper Authorization: Verify that all individuals signing the form have the necessary authority to do so on behalf of their respective organizations.

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DA Form 4072