DD Form 2479 – Barge Ullage

FREE-ONLINE-FORMS.COM DD Form 2479 – Barge Ullage – Are you fascinated by the mysteries of the sea and all its untold stories? If so, then prepare to dive into the fascinating world of DD Form 2479 – Barge Ullage. This seemingly mundane document holds secrets that reveal not only the efficiency of transporting goods on barges but also the tales of countless sailors who have traversed vast oceans. From ancient times to modern-day shipping operations, this form has played a crucial role in ensuring safe and reliable transportation across waterways. Join us as we unravel the hidden history behind this unassuming piece of paperwork and discover how it has shaped maritime commerce throughout the ages.

Have you ever wondered how precious cargo makes its way across vast bodies of water without being lost to Davy Jones’ locker? The answer lies in an unassuming yet vital tool known as DD Form 2479 – Barge Ullage. In a world where every drop counts, this simple document holds immense power in determining not only the volume but also the stability of goods carried by barges. With each line meticulously filled out by skilled sailors past and present, this form ensures that trade flows smoothly through treacherous waters without succumbing to disaster. Embark on a journey with us as we explore the significance and remarkable stories behind this unsung hero of maritime logistics.

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Form Number DD Form 2479
Form Title Barge Ullage
Edition Date 9/30/2022
File Size 86 KB

What is a DD Form 2479?

The DD Form 2479 is a critical document used in the transportation and shipping industry, specifically for measuring the quantity of liquid cargo carried by barges. Also known as the Barge Ullage report, this form helps ensure accurate delivery of products such as petroleum products, chemicals, and other liquids. It provides information regarding the capacity of the barge, as well as measurements taken to determine the quantity loaded or discharged.

For those unfamiliar with the term ullage, it refers to the unfilled space in a container or vessel that holds liquid. The DD Form 2479 records these ullage measurements at specified locations within each barge compartment. This plays a vital role in determining how much cargo remains on board after delivery or during transfer operations. The accuracy of this information is critical for both safety and financial reasons.

While some may view the DD Form 2479 simply as paperwork, it is indeed more than that. It serves as a tool to monitor inventory levels and ensures compliance with regulations governing maximum load capacities for water transport. By properly completing this form, shippers can avoid overloading barges and maintain their vessels’ stability while also preventing environmental hazards caused by spillage or leakage during transit.

Where Can I Find a DD Form 2479?

If you’re searching for a DD Form 2479, also known as Barge Ullage, you may be wondering where exactly to find it. Luckily, obtaining this form is relatively straightforward. The first option is to visit any local military installation or base. Most installations have a designated office where you can request and fill out the necessary forms.

Another way to access the DD Form 2479 is through online resources. Many government websites offer downloadable versions of various forms, including the Barge Ullage form. By visiting websites such as the Department of Defense or Army Publishing Directorate, you can easily navigate their databases and locate the required document.

It’s important to note that while these methods should provide viable avenues for acquiring the DD Form 2479, it may still require some patience and persistence. However, with diligent effort and resourcefulness, you’ll be able to locate this essential form successfully.

DD Form 2479 – Barge Ullage

When it comes to the maritime industry, accuracy and precision are absolutely crucial. This is especially true when it comes to measuring the volume of liquids contained in barges. To ensure that this process is done accurately and efficiently, the Department of Defense (DoD) has implemented DD Form 2479 – Barge Ullage.

DD Form 2479 is a standardized form used by the DoD to measure the ullage, or empty space, in a barge’s tank. By determining the amount of ullage, professionals can calculate exactly how much liquid is present in the tank and make informed decisions about storage capacity and transportation logistics. This form also allows for consistent measurement across different barges, ensuring accurate calculations regardless of variances between vessels.

Not only does DD Form 2479 streamline operations within the maritime industry, but it also plays a vital role in safety protocols. Accurate measurements are essential for preventing overfilling or underfilling tanks, which can lead to dangerous situations such as spills or compromised stability. By using this standardized form, all parties involved can have confidence that they are working with precise data that aligns with industry standards.

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